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Envigilant Systems offers field-proven transportation-focused solutions that are easy to use and shown to decrease operational costs with no increase in IT resources. Solutions are available to monitor passenger safety, mitigate accident risk, improve rider experience and track assets. Our secure IoT services platform enables real-time analytics for machine learning applications such as predictive maintenance.


We can capture and process video on the vehicle for real-time analytics applications like facial recognition, predictive maintenance, defect recognition, etc. Safety events like gunshots trigger automatic video and audio capture with live look-in ability so first-responders have visibility of the entire incident in real-time.

By collecting real-time video from many sources, we can provide evidence to help show the sequence of events leading to an incident. This can be a big help to help settle claims or quickly answer questions about what really happened.

With every vehicle tracked with GPS precision, we are able to provide on-platform and on-board Passenger Information Management Systems to enable rider with accurate arrival times and keep them informed of travel or safety alerts. We also have feedback systems to allow riders to rate their experiences and help agencies focus on areas of improvement.

As a result of improving rider confidence and providing a better experience, combined with more efficient maintenance schedules, better energy management and accurate asset tracking, we can show you ways to lower everyday costs and generate more revenue.

Our video technology can be used to monitor road surface, track or catenary condition and provide early-warning of areas that need maintenance before they cause major issues. We can show you ways to drive increased efficiency through your business, lower maintenance costs, and reduce unplanned outages.

Often new systems can lead to an increase in IT spend, with additional training requirements and costly support contracts. Envigilant Systems utilizes the latest in network automation technologies to simplify network maintenance and reduce everyday administration effort so overall costs are reduced.

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