What We Do

Backed by 30+ years' experience building secure, reliable networks, Envigilant Systems is ideally placed to design, implement and provide services for tailored IT solutions. By seamlessly integrating new technologies with existing systems, Envigilant Systems helps increase performance and profitability for manufacturers, transportation and smarter industries everywhere.

Envigilant Systems Delivers the Solutions & Services You Need


We remove the mystery and complexity and tailor solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer.


Our solutions integrate technologies using our expertise in high availability, security and systems integration.


Integrating all the moving parts is an Envigilant Systems strength. From validation of the plan and infrastructure improvement, to implementation and testing, our teams make sure everything works as designed.


Data Protection is a top priority. With many organizations poorly-equipped to handle the complexity of effective cybersecurity, Envigilant Systems can provide the latest security solutions.


Mission critical solutions require continual monitoring and support. Envigiliant Systems managed services portfolio ensures your systems are monitored and proactively maintained at all times.


With operations around the world, Envigilant Systems customers can expand their operations, integrate new facilities and add features into their existing deployments.

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