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A forklift-upgrade is seldom the best choice. Crafting a solution from new and existing applications creates a better result with fewer issues and faster ROI. We specialize in systems integration to create custom solutions that fit your needs precisely, deliver more value and maximize existing system lifespan.


Network Design

A dependable network is the essential component that ties everything together. We leverage the 30+ years’ experience of our parent company (Allied Telesis) to create secure, reliable solutions that are the right fit for each customer’s needs.


Network Build/Development

Deploying a robust network in a manufacturing or transportation environment requires specialized skills and a deep understanding of each site’s challenges. Our team of network engineers and installers have the knowledge and experience to ensure every network build is completed quickly and painlessly.


Customer-Driven Solutions

We specialize in delivering solutions that fit your needs precisely, giving you the most benefits and best value. We use an agile approach to rapidly build up the solution keeping the customer involved every step of the way so you can ensure that the final outcome meets your requirements.


Software/Application Integration

Software integration can be difficult, which is why many vendors prefer to sell off-the-shelf products, but these won’t meet all your requirements. We’re not afraid to tackle the integration work and have battle-hardened skills to get data to and from your existing systems to build the right solution for your needs.

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