Smart Cities

What We Do

Transit delays, traffic jams, public safety issues and air pollution are one of the toughest urban problems cities are trying to overcome. Internet of Things (IoT) brings a promise to alleviate some of the hurdles by collecting and analyzing a data reflecting various aspects of city operations. Better visibility and understanding of the complex relationships between diverse data sets enables smarter decision-making, improves the efficiency of public and commercial operations and helps creating urban environment where people and businesses can thrive.

Envigilant Systems solutions for smart cities combine a range of sensors and applications for data collection with efficient and secure communication infrastructure and versatile IoT platform into single solution package. Holistic approach of the Envigilant Systems solutions enables cities to put aside technological aspects of collecting, transferring, securing and extracting actionable knowledge from the data.


Read the Envigilant Sensor Platform (ESP) whitepaper


OT Convergence

IoT & Data Integration

Data silos is one of the main barriers to IoT adoption in smart cities. Envigilant Systems offers flexible system architecture and strong data integration capabilities allowing new technologies and data sources to be easily integrated within your infrastructure. Our solutions are built on open standards and protocols, allowing no vendor lock-in.


Solution Modularity

Envigilant Systems solutions for smart cities are built around an IoT platform providing basic functionality of data collection, aggregation and storage. We offer a collection of well-defined optional building blocks expanding your solutions capabilities: data analytics, advanced data visualization, edge computing framework, high-availability features, mobility platform, GIS support, LDAP allow for solution customization.


Personalized & Scalable

We focus on creating a customized solution designed to support each phase of your project to best fit your needs. Our pay-as-you-grow model also allows for an initial smaller scale investment covering limited IoT applications to grow over the time serving future needs of expansion of solution features and capabilities.


Data Analytics

Allowing data from different sources to be processed together for new insights unlocks the real power of data analytics. We provide the ability to ingest large amounts of diverse data,analyze it quickly and provide meaningful, easily understood results available to any external data application.


Network & Data Security

Physical security of remote city nodes can be easily compromised. Envigilant Systems solutions impose a new approach to data security and allow for vast sensor networks covering wide geographical areas. This includes our ability to monitor, manage, and secure the transfer of data from the source all way down to the data center.

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