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Extracting the maximum value out of IoT data requires the ability to acquire data, integrate with different types of data sources, visualize, and finally analyze. The very nature of IoT data is that it originates in a distributed manner, often from places with only intermittent network connections. Our solutions are built from a robust set of capabilities that allow us to manage all of the challenges encountered in IoT deployments to produce actionable information.


Data Collection

The IoT is all about collecting data from where things happen. As sensor technologies become smaller and more power efficient, the number of devices increases which demands more sophistication to communicate in a timely and secure way. We have field-proven experience with a wide range of sensors and can help you collect data reliably and securely.

envigilant Analysis

Data Analysis

The holy grail for analytics is to find predictive patterns within the data streams. This requires large datasets and advanced analytics and was the realm of “big data”. Now, our platform provides advanced machine learning tools to analyze larger datasets to generate the insights your organization needs at the instant they want them.


Data Visualization

One of the most important aspects of data analysis is visualization. The most effective tools help you quickly separate the signal from the noise. Whether that requires processing of time-series data, location based or a combination of both, we’re here to help decipher what you have.

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