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Envigilant Systems offers field-proven integrated edge computing manufacturing solutions not only to ensure efficient process response and real-time insights, but also to guarantee the customer's ownership of data and easy data exchange. Envigilant Systems comprehensive services include remote network management, security vulnerability assessments, and full project management.


Utilizing our 30+ year expertise building secure, reliable networks, Envigilant Systems provides resilient, edge-based industrial IoT solutions tailored to meet demanding requirements. The edge solutions provided by Envigilant Systems differs from what others offers – by delivering true edge computing instead of simple gateway devices – the bring the processing power to where it’s needed and making it available to process engineers and manufacturing floor personnel.

For manufacturing customers, the Envigilant Systems team will work closely with process engineering teams to fully understand the manufacturing processes and current data architecture and specific requirements for the customized solution. The Envigilant Systems design group will develop, engineer, test and deploy the solution both in an engineering lab and onsite at the cell’s final production location.

Envigilant Systems manufacturing solutions deliver maximum production output by minimizing process interruptions from unexpected process deviations or mechanical events. The solutions reduce stoppages and material wastage, which increases profitability production lines and factories as a whole. Additionally, sensor data can be collected to provide our customer’s data scientists with new insights and opportunities for further process improvements.

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