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Transportation agencies are faced with the challenge of delivering better customer experiences to increase ridership while maintaining costs and being environmentally responsible.

In particular, offering an improved transportation experience for individuals who cannot use conventional public transit services such as bus or light rail is a top priority. Paratransit vehicles provide many essential services for people with limited mobility, so reliability, comfort, and safety are all paramount. However, monitoring passenger safety and compliance with regulations across a diverse fleet of vehicles serving many routes is a difficult problem to solve.

Our Solution

Our experience of data integration in real-world applications gives us a unique position to create robust solutions for data collection and analysis. For this challenge, we developed an in-vehicle system that collects and analyzes data and provides alerts in real-time when exceptions occur. Using our field- proven data collection and analysis components, we were able to deliver the following benefits for transit operators:

Service details and reports delivered

  • envigilant_Safety_Surveillance

    Web Application Vulnerability Testing

    Automatic video recording of passenger loading and unloading with live “look-in” facility for operations staff to ensure safe practices are followed
  • Network Monitoring

    Enhanced Situational Awareness

    Real-time location and engine diagnostic data with additional G-force accelerometer information for passenger safety and driver performance data
  • envigilant_Data_Aquisition

    Data Awareness and Interaction

    Data acquisition from vehicle and engine sensors to provide operational and maintenance data for early warning of issues and to identify optimum maintenance schedule

Additionally, we provided passengers with free wireless Internet access and the ability to send and receive real-time messages via touchscreen tablets which also collect passenger feedback.

Our Experience

Our solution has been in everyday use with an independent transportation agency responsible for more than 40 million passengers moving through its network of buses, light rail and paratransit vehicles every year. Their paratransit vehicles were fitted with a ruggedized edge compute device, location-based router for GPS and internet backhaul, and various sensors including high-definition video cameras. Passenger feedback indicates an increased positive rider experience and the agency is benefiting from its data integration for improved fleet monitoring and safety.