Secure IoT Solutions and Services

Companies, organizations and departments in the manufacturing, transportation and smart city sectors are all looking at how they can take advantage of the IoT revolution. With more and more Internet-connected smart devices and sensors producing exponential amounts of data, how do you process what you have collected in order to discover the all-important actionable intelligence for the factory floor, the mass transit system or the intelligent building?

Envigilant Systems from Allied Telesis is the answer.

The Envigilant Systems Solutions

Envigilant Systems solutions are built around a robust collection of open technologies and standards. This incorporates the power of a strong core of high-availability IP networking infrastructure, specialization in edge computing and supported with sophisticated software and managed services.


Data Acquisition and Communication

IP-enabled sensors and devices have the potential to provide valuable data. Envigilant Systems provides the data acquisition and network communication capabilities to get data to systems and users that can actually make use of them.


Data Exchange

Data that comes from sensors or from various back-office systems can be locked in silos, severely limiting their usefulness. Envigilant Systems has an application-layer data exchange capability that utilizes standards to unlock the value in your data by sharing it with other applications and exchange partners.


Application Integration

Our edge computing platform offers scalable compute and storage resources, allowing you to create a private cloud for hosting a wide array of applications, all of which are virtualized for optimum performance. Using a combination of ruggedized, field-deployable servers integrated with high-availability data center machines gives you the ability to extend your cloud out to each user.


Visualization and Analytics

Envigilant Systems provides browser-based, geographic visualization tools along with analytic capabilities to unlock the value of your data, as well as integration with leading machine learning development tools to enable your data scientists to unlock the value of your data.


Full Project and Services Support

As well as providing hardware and software services for edge data exchange and analytics, Envigilant Systems services include complete project management from initial project planning, through systems design and engineering, to deployment, testing and support. A sophisticated suite of managed services provides customers with added-value once projects are fully deployed and in production.

The Envigilant Systems Promise

It’s common for organizations to require assistance from product and service providers when faced with the challenges of designing and implementing IoT solutions and ensuring end-to- end operations with enterprise systems. The issues are complex, and the technologies involved represent a rapidly moving target.

Traditional legacy solutions use proprietary data structures that lock away the customer’s data. The Envigilant Systems approach is different – provide the customer with a secure and reliable edge infrastructure, with integrated backend and process data in an open and accessible database. This ability to consolidate data from multiple sources allows the customer to gain new and enhanced insights they never imagined possible.

Envigilant Systems promises to empower innovation, improve agility and will help to build a competitive advantage. It has a proven track record for reducing potential for errors, minimizing waste, improving process efficiencies, and reducing process flow times.